How MCast Works - FAQ

Welcome to MCast Messaging! The platform that allows you to send bulk sms messages at an affordable prices.

Listed below are 3 basic steps that most Mcast users use.

How to Register

In order to start using our service, you must be a registered user. This means you must sign-up using this link. if you are not already registered. You cannot send any messages or credit an account if you are not registered as an MCast user.

The Requirement for registration is quite simple.

Simply fill in the registration form with the required fields as mandatory and make sure you have not used the same email, mobile number and/or username (sender id) in a previous registration. In the case that your username is refused during the registration process, you will have to choose a different one.

An email will be sent to your email address and an SMS message will be sent to your mobile phone to confirm the registration.

After registration you can login conveniently at link; with your username and password.

Note: Your Password is fully protected and confidential. Your password is not visible to us, making it virtually impossible for us to retrieve therefore if you forget your password please click here to request for a new Password.

For further assistance please contact customer support. Click here for details.


How to Send Messages

Once you have logged-in to your MCast Account, you would be directed to the 'Send SMS' page.

Click here to go to the Send SMS page.

You will be presented with the following:


  • SMS Account Balance: The Amount of SMS Units currently in your Account.
  • Sender ID: The name that will appear as the senders name to your recepients. Default is your username.
  • Text Field: You can manually type your numbers into this field. Make sure you always use the phone number format as stated.
  • Message Field: The message you intend to send.
  • Send SMS: This sends the actually Job (Sends the messages as intended)
  • Cancel: Clears all the fields and resets the form.

Advanced Features:

  • File Upload: A csv file containing all the numbers you intend to send. This is the fastest way you can send bulk messages.
  • Groups: A list of saved numbers categorized into group names which can be used repeatedly.
  • Now/Later Feature: This Allows Messages to be scheduled or sent immediately.
  • Analyze Feature: This will tell you how many SMS Messages will be sent if you send the job.

The Billing Process

The MCast Messaging Platform only bills you for what you send out. For example, if you intend to send a 2 page SMS (1 page = 160 Characters) to 100 numbers your total SMS to be sent will be 200 SMS's. If we manage to send the numbers to 60 people and we were unable to send to the remaining 40 people you will be billed 120 SMS units/credits. If some of the 60 people we sent to have their phones off or were out of signal you will still be billed but the message will be stored with the network operator (e.g. GLO, MTN etc) until the phones are available to receive the messages.

Knowing the Status of your Messages

There is a section of the website where you can view your scheduled messages and sent messages. You must login to view these pages.

  • Scheduled Messages: These are the Jobs that have not been sent out. Once they reached the scheduled send time they will be moved to the 'Sent Messages' Section.
  • Sent Message Logs: These are the messages that have been sent or are being processed.
    • You will be able to see the status of current and past jobs citing the Time of the job, a summary of how many messages were sent and so on.
    • Sometimes, your job may not give you an accurate report usually when the job was freshly created.
    • You are advised to give it a few minutes and refresh the page to get an updated report.

For further assistance please contact customer support. Click here for details.


How to Fund your Account

With MCast you can fund your account in several ways

  • Online Card Payments: Use your Visa/Mastercard to pay for MCast SMS Credits. This is the fastet method as your account is credited instantly.
  • Bank Deposit: Pay to one of our available Bank Accounts and notify us with the payment details and your account will be credited.
  • Paying directly to us at our Branch: You can pay to us and we will credit your account immediately.

Online payments are processed by Interswitch. Instructions can be found here.

Note: You must be registered and logged-in to fund your account.

You can also view a list of transactions:

  • Transaction History: A list of all financial transactions within your account.
  • SMS Account History: A list of all the SMS activity within your account such as SMS credits and SMS deductions when you send an SMS.


Once your payment has been processed (in the case of online card payments) your account will be funded with SMS Units. You can login to your account to confirm the conversion from Naira to SMS units. There are no extra charges such as (setup costs or online payment charges).